• iPipe Light

    With coverage and functionality to match its unique shape, the ipipe light for any Strobes from ilkeen is a great solution for tight locations and single light shooting in architectural, portrait, fashion and advertising photography. ⁣ The 90cm cylinder has a diameter of 20cm, which is closed at the end to trap the strobe's output, bouncing it around inside the modifier to provide a soft 360-degree beam spread through its translucent surface. With a very clever design decision, ilkeen has provided two 90 x 25cm counter-reflectors to block off specific sections of the light-shaper to narrow its beam spread for selective lighting. A case is provided for storage and transport.⁣
  • The ilkeen Conical Snoot CSR65 is a light shaper that helps reduce the flash's beam angle for precision lighting. With an all-metal construction, the Conical Snoot fits all Bowen mount flashes or LEDs.
  • As a product photographer, you need to be in absolute control of the highlights. The MicoBox is a hard-sided light former with a frosted acrylic front.
  • This product comes with a high quality diffuser which makes the softest light. This product can be equipped with diffusing as well as reflecting SCREENS.