• i-MLS4070

    ilkeen lighting stands are made of Aluminum or Iron and are manufactured either through electro welding or extrusion, according to the highest quality standards. ilkeen stands are safe and robust and are the perfect tool for today’s demanding photographers and filmmakers working with studio equipment or out on location.  
  • iAONE

    The Camera Crane is including Motorized Pan and Tilt Panhed, Screen holder and Extra Weight System. iAONE The Camera Crane System provides a steady camera platform for the starting videographer. The system is delivered as a kit, iAONE partly mounted. After the first set-up, supported by a very clear instruction, there is only one key necessary for quick mounting and de-mounting.The boom system is modular extended and this way usable in at least three different set-ups. The central unit has four locking knobs for applying friction to the vertical boom movement and to make disassembling easier. The central rotation platform has a low friction bearing system with a rotation brake. It fits to all 75 and 100mm video tripod cups.
  • Monitor / EVF Holder

    You may attach monitors of up to 9" and there is still some room left around! The Monitor/EVF Holder is fully compatible with all EVF's. You can adjust the counterweight level of the Monitor/EVF Holder and work with any monitor or EVF regardless of its weight.
  • 430 Runway

    The Stand is really a low rolling stand base which is designed to work with the large lighting fixtures. Meanwhile, 430 Runway add an extension column into the junior 1-1/8" (28mm) receiver can create a mobile rolling stand. The leg design allows the Runway Stand to be folded parallel to one another for easy storage and transportation.
  • i-MSA021

    Features a baby receiver which can mount with LCD monitor on stand top or any mounting accessories with baby pin. The two angle adjustable levers are easy for slight pan/ tile movement. VESA standard mount point 75 x 75 mm are drilled on the square black metal panel and 100 x 100 mm is also available when fitted the standard accessory. Max loading weight: 8kg (17.6lbs)
  • iA-260LS

    The iA-260LS Stand comes in 3 sections with 2 risers, giving you complete precision. It features springs so you can work quickly without worrying about catching your fingers or your gear. The wide footprint opens up to 97cms to keep your shots steady even on rougher grounds. Its impressive height range of 110cm to 252cm allows you to capture new perspectives.

    iAONE LCSM6 provides smooth movement of pan and tilt. You can control the direction and speed simply by a joystick on the remote controller. You can adjust the width and high to fit the size of camera. Or you can change the 15mm rods to became even bigger remote head. This light weight extendable power pan head is perfect for all kinds of Camera Cranes, Jibs, Tripods, Heavy light stand. With only 1/4 weight of most remote head, you can use lighter jibs and less counter weight. The perfect balance of camera can be achieved easily by high adjustment and sliding quick release. It is the best assistant for indie and wedding photographers.
  • iC-BP1915

    The ilkeen iC-BP1915 19mm Base Plate is designed to mount seamlessly to ARRI standard dovetail style plates, providing a stable means to quickly attach and detach cameras and accessories during rapid shot resets. Built of aircraft grade aluminum, the iC-BP1915 is ready to handle the heaviest equipment; equipment that lesser quick relase plates just cannot handle. It features a slotted mounting screw point, heavy duty locking lever, and two 19mm rod mounts.⁣ It uses a hard anodized surface design and is CNC milled from a lightweight and durable high-impact aluminum 7075 alloy.⁣
  • iMagic Extension Arm Ball 75 is a component of our Extension Arm lineup which has a 25mm ball on each measuring 100mm from center to center. Great for building custom arm configurations.