• Binar Assist is an indefatigable teammate for the professional photographers under all conditions. With boreholes of different sizes( 38 Nos. M8, one 3/8" and one 1/4") one can move various equipment and devices just like jigsaw puzzles and with easy and fast assembling of this gadget many devices and parts such as power, hard disc , ram reader , bank and any other components or facilities, that are required for a professional photographer for connecting into a laptop, can be put together for enjoyable high level precision work.
  • The ilkeen Conical Snoot CSR65 is a light shaper that helps reduce the flash's beam angle for precision lighting. With an all-metal construction, the Conical Snoot fits all Bowen mount flashes or LEDs.
  • LTHA1T12 Constructed of high grade aluminum, with stainless steel hardware and chrome plated steel clips, these mounts will look and work great for years to come.
  • LTHA2T12 Constructed of high grade aluminum, with stainless steel hardware and chrome plated steel clips, these mounts will look and work great for years to come.
  • iA-BS2

    The ilkeen iA-BS2 Background Support System Kit is ideal for the travelling Photographer & Videography. It’s both portable & durable and can hold backdrops up to 12kg in weight.  
  • iC-BP1915

    The ilkeen iC-BP1915 19mm Base Plate is designed to mount seamlessly to ARRI standard dovetail style plates, providing a stable means to quickly attach and detach cameras and accessories during rapid shot resets. Built of aircraft grade aluminum, the iC-BP1915 is ready to handle the heaviest equipment; equipment that lesser quick relase plates just cannot handle. It features a slotted mounting screw point, heavy duty locking lever, and two 19mm rod mounts.⁣ It uses a hard anodized surface design and is CNC milled from a lightweight and durable high-impact aluminum 7075 alloy.⁣
  • iPipe Light

    With coverage and functionality to match its unique shape, the ipipe light for any Strobes from ilkeen is a great solution for tight locations and single light shooting in architectural, portrait, fashion and advertising photography. ⁣ The 90cm cylinder has a diameter of 20cm, which is closed at the end to trap the strobe's output, bouncing it around inside the modifier to provide a soft 360-degree beam spread through its translucent surface. With a very clever design decision, ilkeen has provided two 90 x 25cm counter-reflectors to block off specific sections of the light-shaper to narrow its beam spread for selective lighting. A case is provided for storage and transport.⁣

    iAONE LCSM6 provides smooth movement of pan and tilt. You can control the direction and speed simply by a joystick on the remote controller. You can adjust the width and high to fit the size of camera. Or you can change the 15mm rods to became even bigger remote head. This light weight extendable power pan head is perfect for all kinds of Camera Cranes, Jibs, Tripods, Heavy light stand. With only 1/4 weight of most remote head, you can use lighter jibs and less counter weight. The perfect balance of camera can be achieved easily by high adjustment and sliding quick release. It is the best assistant for indie and wedding photographers.
  • iBoom H3

    This Third, Like Arm Moves Your Light And Your Camera Anywhere In Your Studio. gives you the maximum and accurate power of a Studio Light, Camera, ... in a short time. This accessories rotates at 180 iBoom H3 degrees with a radius of 230cm and has the best lighting, picture and video record quality.
  • iA-260LS

    The iA-260LS Stand comes in 3 sections with 2 risers, giving you complete precision. It features springs so you can work quickly without worrying about catching your fingers or your gear. The wide footprint opens up to 97cms to keep your shots steady even on rougher grounds. Its impressive height range of 110cm to 252cm allows you to capture new perspectives.
  • iB-5W45

    Photographers with mounting this tool on lightening stands are able to have a working table that moves horizontally and vertically. Basically this tool with the accompany of holders and clamps can become a professional equipped studios for professional photographers. Also helps you shoot commercial photography projects alone, without various assistants.
  • i-MSA021

    Features a baby receiver which can mount with LCD monitor on stand top or any mounting accessories with baby pin. The two angle adjustable levers are easy for slight pan/ tile movement. VESA standard mount point 75 x 75 mm are drilled on the square black metal panel and 100 x 100 mm is also available when fitted the standard accessory. Max loading weight: 8kg (17.6lbs)