• i-MLS4070

    ilkeen lighting stands are made of Aluminum or Iron and are manufactured either through electro welding or extrusion, according to the highest quality standards. ilkeen stands are safe and robust and are the perfect tool for today’s demanding photographers and filmmakers working with studio equipment or out on location.  
  • Monitor / EVF Holder

    You may attach monitors of up to 9" and there is still some room left around! The Monitor/EVF Holder is fully compatible with all EVF's. You can adjust the counterweight level of the Monitor/EVF Holder and work with any monitor or EVF regardless of its weight.
  • i-MSA021

    Features a baby receiver which can mount with LCD monitor on stand top or any mounting accessories with baby pin. The two angle adjustable levers are easy for slight pan/ tile movement. VESA standard mount point 75 x 75 mm are drilled on the square black metal panel and 100 x 100 mm is also available when fitted the standard accessory. Max loading weight: 8kg (17.6lbs)
  • The ilkeen PRO MOUNT Monitor Bracket for Stands holds monitors up to 80lbs (35.5kgs) and can be mounted to common C-stands and light stands utilizing the standard 5/8″(16mm) baby/junior pin. The VESA Compliant mount is made of aerospace aluminum and features  5/8″ studs for mounting. The ilkeen PRO MOUNT Monitor Bracket also features one 3/8"(16mm), one 1/4"920mm) and dual 5/8″ accessory receptors for adding compatible arms, mounts and accessories to the top of the PRO MOUNT Monitor Bracket.
  • LTHA2T12 Constructed of high grade aluminum, with stainless steel hardware and chrome plated steel clips, these mounts will look and work great for years to come.
  • LTHA1T12 Constructed of high grade aluminum, with stainless steel hardware and chrome plated steel clips, these mounts will look and work great for years to come.
  • 430 Runway

    The Stand is really a low rolling stand base which is designed to work with the large lighting fixtures. Meanwhile, 430 Runway add an extension column into the junior 1-1/8" (28mm) receiver can create a mobile rolling stand. The leg design allows the Runway Stand to be folded parallel to one another for easy storage and transportation.
  • iP-3XB152025

    Photographers with mounting this tool on lightening stands are able to have a working table that moves horizontally and vertically. Basically this tool with the accompany of holders and clamps can become a professional equipped studios for professional photographers. Also helps you shoot commercial photography projects alone, without various assistants.
  • ilkeen Triple Background Support Bar Set is very useful in a studio setting, this bracket is made to allow for easy background changes for your photo shoots; simply slide the backdrops back and forth to change your color.
  • iBoom H3

    This Third, Like Arm Moves Your Light And Your Camera Anywhere In Your Studio. gives you the maximum and accurate power of a Studio Light, Camera, ... in a short time. This accessories rotates at 180 iBoom H3 degrees with a radius of 230cm and has the best lighting, picture and video record quality.
  • ilkeen W05 Wall Mounted Light Stand Holder, Holds 5 Stands. End some of your studio clutter with this ilkeen Light Stand Holder.
  • The ilkeen Work Trestle is adjustable, foldable and portable. Ideal for any type of sawing job.